canterbury for change

Canterbury for Change banner


Develop an image, volunteers recruitment campaign, and awareness campaign for a joint charity endeavour in England with an extremely limited budget.


Designer for rebranding and marketing/advertisement plan and production for Canterbury for Change, commissioned by Kent charity Catching Lives.
Worked closely with three other designers and pitched the project to campaign director Kelly Napier.
Elements produced include design document, posters, zine, business card, website and social network prototype.
The depicted outcomes are not wholly my production, but a team effort.


Initial primary research included profiling the online presence of the charities making up this project and demographics for the volunteer recruitment campaign

We discovered that one of the involved charities operated from the iconic Crooked House of Canterbury with a bookshop on the ground floor; this went to play into the branding and campaign plan

Data Visualization
Redesign of the previously used research data for a presentation to the campaign sponsor.
Course of action
Plan proposal for the volunteer recruitment campaign.

Promotion through the new social media presence and website targeted to local university students, the most likely demographic to do charity work and very present in Canterbury.
Poster design iteration
Iteration of the "break the cycle" concept.
The cycle was pitched by the client as the inescapable loop of poverty and homeless, too difficult to be broken without external help.
Initial logotype concept
Logo design based on the Crooked House outline.
Presentation to campaign sponsor
Presentation to campaign sponsor
Informative material prototype
Informative material prototype
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Advancement of the plan to be proposed to the sponsor for approval


Mockup for the social page of Canterbury for Change
Mockup of the new website and social page for Canterbury for Change

Mockup for the new one-page website and social pages, all featuring easy interface to volunteer or donate to the charity

Poster mockup for the local campaign
Brochure for the local campaign at the Crooked House book shop

Design of basic guidelines for brand image and printed informational material

Simond Diff logo